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A young woman has given up, given in. She can't stand the helping hands that try to bind and the nagging words of her mother. She breaks away and tries to spread her wings, only to be grounded by heavy rains. Looking for shelter instead she finds a ghost from a hazy past. A woman dressed in all white holding a little blue, polka dotted umbrella. They stand around, they sit and chat and the rain keeps pouring... yet the young woman, for the life of her, can't seem to piece together the whys, whens and, where.

Who is this strange woman?

Why does she seem so very...familiar?

She must make a choice to open up her heart, open up her past and, accept a little polka dotted umbrella. Her life forever changed by a simple act of kindness. Only the truth shall set you free...

A commercial visual novel we're working on!


A Simple Act

Visual Novel

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