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After looking at this and some similar sites I have some feedback for things that I feel like could be improved: Indies & Projects Page - The pages show too many results at a time, its difficult to remember which one you already visited - The 'tab element' hides all the interesting information and makes the whole memory game even more difficult (!) Profile: - Roles, skills etc. should be somewhat standardized (pre-defined items) to allow more detailed filtering and prevent redundant/misspelled/stupid labels people usually put there. It also makes it easier to scan through if you know what to expect and look for imo - An experience level would be cool, (Amateur, Junior ... or the number of years in your 'role'), could be simply shown as an icon - An optional location/languages would be nice I guess, to consider language barriers and different time-zones General: - I'm personally not a big fan of the blue color tone of the current design, it reminds me of a hospital - Not really sure what the notifications page is supposed to be about

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