Hey everyone!

Welcome to UMOGA V2. I hope you will have a good time with us and that once again we have delivered something you need. It has been 7 months since we opened the platform and it has been an amazing ride so far. If you remember from our first concept website (actually don't), our dream is to keep on expanding UMOGA by creating tools like our asset store. Today is a very special day because, not only we can release the new platform, but we have also secured external funding.

Nothing to worry about, no shady businessmen or shadow puppet hands situation but we have found an organization that believe into our proposal. This same organization has accepted to fund our next update and it is thanks to them

that you will get to see UMOGA V3

Thank you for your support and thank you for trusting us enough to use our platform. Now that have secured extra funding, you can be sure that out new update will deliver even more awesomeness!