I am Kir, I run a dApp building company and I have a business proposal to those, who are working on MMOs and are close to release.

We want to test the hypothesis that “Play-to-Earn” mechanic will boost ARPU and retention.

To test and prove the hypothesis me and my team offer:

enabling the in-app purchases module into your game (those purchases form a prize pool, that is distributed automatically to winners of the level / game / top in the leaderboard / etc)

we will help with game testers and will provide feedback (so that your dev team can iterate and fix gameplay and enhance user experience accordingly)

we will help with marketing targeted on 7k, then 200k, then 2 mln dedicated users (marketing expenses are at x3 higher then development, commonly, so this proposal is a rare one on the market)

we will also offer a marketplace for game items for sale

proceeds from in-app purchases will flow into your wallets from day1 of release.

we might also help with further fund raising

All of that is obviously for free, but from our partners we need solid gameplay, game monetization should be reasonable, game mechanics should be balanced.

As a result, your game will become one of the few games that draw attention due to possibility for users not only to have fun, but also to make some profit => that will raise visibility => more players will come => more in-app purchases => bigger prize pool => more players will come => etc

…Or we are wrong and this hypothesis will be declined.

An ideal game for such an experiment would be WebGL, MMO, RTS, server side built on node.js , client side on vue.js, three.js . The game should be really close to release (1-2 months).

We cannot offer such a partnership to more then 3 dev teams, so we will have to be picky, sorry!

In case you are interested, drop me a line to ceo@eternaltrusts.io , describe the game, provide all relevant info reg forecasted release dates, gameplay, art.

Looking forward to hear from you!