Professional Comic Writer and Independent Game Developer.


* Story Lead for Black Mesa (adapting Half-Life script, writing new material true to characters and canon, directing voice actors, choreography and direction of scripted sequences)

* Experience in writing new material for officially licensed properties, like Conan the Barbarian for Dark Horse comics

* Wrote upcoming graphic novel adaptation of Ingress, Googles hit mobile game

* Featured Writer in FUBAR, New York Times Bestselling Comic Anthology

* Writer of A Man Named Hawken, 6 issue Horror-Western for IDW Publishing


Ideally, I would be providing a unique, short script for a cool, small indie game.

Due to freelance work and other personal projects, I won't be able to commit to any BIG games, so no visual novels or MMOs, please.

The best way to describe what I'm looking for is one of those nice little indie titles, with 1-3 hours of gameplay.

I'd like to be responsible for creating dialog or cutscenes because I want to have complete scenes that I can reference as solid work samples.

But I'd be willing to write up a unique main menu if that's what you need.

If I sound like I could be useful to your project, please let me know! I'm looking forward to meeting other members of this community.

Available for work:

  • Story planning/Writing
  • Games Design
  • Able to Effectively Lead a Team to create a Successful Product
  • Creative Direction
  • Voice Direction
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