Hello! I'm fairly new to the game dev world, having been around for only about 2 years now. I mostly worked in visual novels, releasing my own short games and helping others out with theirs. Games are an exciting medium to me because I love delivering different experiences to people! Someday, I hope to make a great, fun game that many people can enjoy.

ps. I'm not actively looking for programmers at the moment but please hit me up on Twitter if you code! I always have so many game ideas I want to make but zero code skills to execute them ;_; Because personality and taste is important to me when it comes to team members, I'd love to get to know you so do follow me on Twitter and I'll add you back!


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2013 Achievements: The Dolls' Stories, Left of Center, Night at the Hospital, The Buried Moon, Rising Angels: Reborn

2014 Achievements: Dollkare, Lemon Project, Strip Theodore (...), Tenshi Xmas 2014

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  • Character Art
  • User Interface
  • Crying a lot about mobile TCGs
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