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Hi there,

My name is Joe and I have been producing pop/rock/indie/hiphop music in and around the NYC area for 15+ years but more recently I have been making music for video games. I am a HUGE gaming nerd and I love making unique songs and sounds for games. I try my best to make my stuff distinctive as to stand out from your average game soundtrack. We all know the market is over-saturated and a good soundtrack is a great way to combat that. You would be surprised at how much an original soundtrack can do for the quality of your game. I put quite a lot of effort in trying to find the 'character' of a game so I love to hear about lore, etc.. All the little details really help. My favorite part of doing game music is finding the right sound set for the project, there are a lot of possibilities and I am capable of doing some experimenting to find the right fit

Available for work:

  • Musician
  • SFX + Sound Design
  • Game Music Composition
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