Hi. My first game ever was TMNT on nes rip off console my friend got for Christmas. We were 5 and stole chocolate candies and Champaign bottles from the party table and drank & played until the power block for console melted. I have been in love with games ever since.

15 years later I have managed to get myself hired into a game dev company and I have worked on Unreal Engine 3 for pc and console games. But they were military shooter games with cardboard stories and I didn’t care for that. I started a new company with friends and we drifted into mobile games, we attended Gamefounders program, met a lot of cool industry pros and learned great deal from them. It was supposed to be a shortcut and means to finance kind of games we were meant to make.

Now I know there are no shortcuts and I committed myself to creating great story based games with new exciting experiences.

I have absolute passion and dedication towards developing Games, I see it as an art form of the present and the future. I have a vision of how games as an interactive art form can evolve and use their full potential as a tool for storytelling, sharing emotions and experiences and how it can become greater part of everyday life. And my goal is to step by step bring that vision to life.

Available for work:

  • Gamedesign
  • Story
  • Producer/PM
  • Programming(C#)
  • 3D Modeling
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