Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

Available and enthusiastic to compose and implement Sound Design/Music for a wide variety of games.

A current Advanced Music Technology MA student at the University of Kent, I have a genuine passion for sound design and software based audio editing, as well as a deep and varied skill set in audio production.

My years of formal Music Technology education have not only taught me to work to challenging deadlines, but also provided me with adept skills in a variety of audio editing software, as well as coding skills and studio proficiency.

My thorough formal education, coupled with extensive work experience as an assistant live sound engineer in demanding venues such as The Ministry of Sound and Proud Camden has provided me with vital aural and interpersonal skills that can only be learnt in a professional setting.

Available for work:

  • SFX + Sound Design
  • Game Music Composer
  • Audio Production
  • Audio Implentation
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