Lead Game Designer and Project Manager

Design Lead on titles reaching over 200+ mm users, 1.5+ mm DAU, and 18+ years in sustained live service performance.

Expert in MMO / MMORPG, RPG, CCG, Strategy, Casual, PC, and Mobile development.

I've built a diverse multi-disciplinary background of skills to understand and motivate the human condition, including:

• System Design

• Narrative and Content Design

• User Experience Design

• Analytics

• Business Design

• Monetization

• Psychology

• Sociology

• Art and Creative Direction

Each of these allows me to approach situations from numerous directions, ensuring that my work is never solving for problems - it is solving for people. The best solutions only come from knowing and understanding the audience that they are intended for.

Above all, I believe that fun and profitability aren't mutually exclusive, and constantly strive to shape businesses that exceed expectations while delighting players for years to come. Examples of the longevity and success of my work can be found in titles such as:

• Plants vs. Zombies 2

• Guild Wars 2

• Guild Wars: Beyond

• Guild Wars: Eye of the North

• Guild Wars: Nightfall

• Guild Wars: Factions

• Guild Wars: Prophecies

Available for work:

  • Game Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Narrative Design
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