Heya, everybody! My name is Erik "Purple Snake" Fröding, and I am a musician and composer. I am partly self taught in both piano and the music creating program Renoise (a "tracker", to be more specific), as well as I have a piano teacher and have watched a tutorial in Renoise. With Renoise, though, I am mostly self-taught, but quite good.

I have a dream, and that dream is to become a Video-Game composer. =) Don't know anything about making sound-effects or sound-design (not even that sure what the latter is...), but I am pretty handy in Renoise and have little to no problem with making a song (mostly instrumental) that's a few minutes long, and actually sounds good. Wanna know more? Just ask!!

Available for work:

  • Creating Music
  • Renoise (Music Program)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Piano and Bass
  • Cardboard box
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