Composer & Sound Designer

Hi, I'm Mike, I'm a sound designer and composer for computer games. I graduated from Staffordshire University in Summer 2014, and I've been working with a lot of indie developers since then to build a portfolio and find a place in the industry.

I've been involved in UMOGA a little since early days, I wanted to get involved here as soon as I heard about the project, and I've done some work for the team writing music for promotional materials (coming soon, stay tuned!). Currently, I'm also involved with Staffs-based indies Eathania Entertainment, working on the Sanctuary project, and Cherubim Scribes from the USA, for whom I'm writing for A Simple Act, an exciting new Visual Novel I discovered through UMOGA.

If you want to keep up with the work I'm doing check out my portfolio at soundcloud.com/mikewildaudio, and if you like what you hear drop me a message, I'd be happy to get involved!

Available for work:

  • Composer
  • Sound design
  • Sound effects
  • Musician
  • Jedi
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