Concept Artist, Traditional Sculptor

Hey, I'm Deborah, I'm 27, I have been drawing for over 14 years, recently over the past 4 years got into traditional character and creature sculpture. I also do graphics art.. You can check out my portfolio here: www.kotofox.artstation.com/portfolio

I currently live in NJ, though the northeast coast does not have much going for it when it comes to the games industry.. So I'm definitely looking for a indie game developer to either permanently work for or freelance (temp). I am mainly a creature artist, but I also do vehicles, weapons and environments. :] I would love to collaborate on some game art projects as well with other artists!

Available for work:

  • Concept art/illustration
  • Polymer Traditional Sculpting
  • Graphic design
  • Story planning/Writing
  • Creature Design
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