Game Designer

H as Hydrogen for anyone wondering.

I'm graduating in Communications on the Sociology of the Internet field. For one year i worked as Brand Manager for a startup doing all kind of PR and marketing, my skill is to take something without a clear identity and correct that. I believe the perceived image of something is extremely important in an high competition environment.

Feel free to ask me about this if you want, i would be glad to help you, even for free.

Now i'm learning to code (Python to catch the basics, then planning to move in C# and Unity) to hopefully become a game dev on my own in the near future. What i would actually like to do in the gaming industry is mainly game design. I think we live an era where ideas are what it's worth the most and with the right set of skills it could be relatively easy to give something new to the world. This wasn't possible ten years ago and we can't know if it will also be possible in ten years, so it's the right time to experiment with technology.

In my free time i enjoy composing music and do sound design so i guess that's a plus. Also i'm pretty good at managing a project, so if you are struggling with that i could lend an hand.

I like the concept of this website, i'm not here for finding paid work but mostly to give my humble skills to everyone could need them. Of course nothing it's set to stone, if you think you need me in your project full time we could arrange something, but simply it's not the main thing i'm looking for here.

I'm living in the gmt+1 timezone.

p.s. if any pixel artist would like to make me an avatar with a pixelated version of myself i would love it. I always wanted one, but sadly i never met a pixel artist.

Available for work:

  • Brainstorm Enthusiast
  • Marketing/PR/Branding
  • Project Management
  • Sound design/Composer
  • Learning to code
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