Game Developer

I'm primarily a JavaScript(UnityScript) and C# coder in Unity3D and C++ coder in Unreal Engine 4. I also work with 3D modeling in Blender, texture and material creation, UV unwrapping / mapping, and overall pretty much everything to do with the game engines I work with. For the most part I prefer developing for PC, but have also worked with builds for Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. I have some experience creating DLL plugins in C++ for Unity3D as well. Some other APIs and SDKs I've worked with include PhysX Labs for Destructible meshes (Fracturing), APEX clothing tool for cloth physics, Oculus Rift, Nintendo Wii U, Augmented Reality, Ads SDKs for mobile games, In-App Purchasing using Google Games Services.

Available for work:

  • Programming (Javascript, C#,C++)
  • 3D Modeling
  • Photoshop / GIMP
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity3D (3.x - 5.x)
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