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An asymmetrical, multiplayer real-time strategy game in which one player commands the police in an effort to thwart crime and the other tries to establish a ruthless criminal empire.​


The Criminals must be deceitful, blend in with the public, and drive inconspicuous vehicles to terrorize the city without being caught by the Police. They can increase their cash flow and reduce the Police’s public support by robbing banks and stores and dealing drugs. The Criminal HQ starts at a random location within the city and can be moved later on to prevent detection. Want to relocate near the Police HQ? No problem; just make sure the Police don’t find out! As the game progresses, the Criminals gain access to a variety of specialized vehicles that allow them to crush anyone who gets in their way.

The Police’s main goal is to locate the Criminal HQ. In the process, they must counter as many crimes as they possibly can, including robberies, shootings, and drug deals. Successfully stopping crimes and apprehending criminals will help gain public support; however, if they fail to do so, their public support will diminish. As Criminal activity increases, the Police gain access to advanced units like armored vehicles and SWAT teams. Deploying SWAT in public areas reduces public support and therefore must be considered carefully before use. The Police also have access to Undercover Cops, which provide tactical information about the Criminals’ hideouts and gangs.​


A long time friend of mine, Chubzdoomer, and I have been developing this concept for a little while now. As neither of us possesses intricate knowledge of every aspect of game development, we are relying on the community to assist us in this endeavor.

--Using Unity


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