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Survival horror game with typical FPS combat, item management, puzzles and environmental story telling. Influenced by old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.


The game will be set in a rural town in the US, where the hero of the game get stuck after stopping to rest from a long road trip with his wife. You battle fanatic town folks and unravel the town mystery as you make your way to escape this nightmare.

The game will offer a sense of vulnerability in a way of controlling an average Joe, wielding non-automatic guns with limited supplies and ammo. It will feature a forgotten gameplay aspects such as item management and puzzle solving.

The combat will be a typical FPS, minus the fast movement, quick reloading and endless supply of ammo, The guns will play a big role of empowering you and making you vulnerable at the same time. The guns will range from pistols, shotguns, and rifles all of which are non-automatic and with small magazines to make sure that no matter how many bullets you have, you will always be threatened by the enemies.

To put emphasis on survival, there won't be any checkpoints, you will have to save manually every now and then by a fixed saving stations.

My part

As a designer for 3 years in a construction company, I've had a lot of experience in architecture and 3D modeling, I'll be using those skills in designing the entire game world/map (buildings, interiors, streets, 3D assets, etc...) while also collaborating with other team members on a story that drives the gameplay forward, also on characters & their motives and writing dialogue.


Unity survival horror project

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