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It’s the year 2200 A.D. You’ve found yourself stranded on the other side of a black hole, severing any ties to home in the process. Feelings of isolation quickly disappear as it’s made clear that you are not alone.

The Final Frontier is an isometric action role-playing shooter that takes place on different planets in the distant future. Interactivity is done primarily through the mouse (for movement, attacking, etc) while the keyboard is used for hotkey commands and accessing the menu. Interesting note: the strength of the player will be dependent on his or her own skill and by the equipment he or she has. We feel this is a more tangible and familiar approach as opposed to the abstract notion of a leveling system.

Our project’s goal is to create a prototype that demonstrates the game’s core features. With this in mind, our project’s scope will be small. The prototype will only include three maps for the player to explore. However, we intend for each map to be well-designed and enjoyable. While exploring, the player will fight enemies, acquire items, learn new skills, and talk to NPCs.


The Final Frontier

a story in the black

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