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1st Draft Demo of the game !



The game is only a 1 Map Roma Arena style very well designed and details.

It's a 1 vs 1 Player combat tournament in third person view.

Only one class,skill,character style will be available.

Each player will have a 2 hand melee sword (or sword and shield is to discuss about it)

The combat is face to face like Zelda U64 style. (Make the character realistic or toony is one of the subects to discuss)

It's possible to parry, hit in different directions, kick hit with low damage but push back oponement, flip back left right, special attack and combo.

It's a multiplayer game so it will have some lobbies with different categories, novice, expert, etc...

The other players will be added in queue and can watch the combat a bit like counter strike style,

they sit in the spectator arena seats and here a great idear come with but i'll tell you when you will be a team mate.

When a player loose, a waiting player remplace him and all will be ranked with statistics and so on, even on web platform if possible.

Off course more maps,class,skills,weapons,characters,bonus items,options, etc... can be added much later,

but 1st thing 1st... Make it simple we can maybe sell add on or we can discuss this point later.


Innovative GamePlay.

Innovative Character controls.

Tense atmosphere.


Third person view point.

Oculus Rift support. (if it's possible)

Multi platform (if it's possible)

Great details.

Blood or non blood option.

Epic Music.


Very Need:

3D Character designer and animator

Very Need:

Programmer Network oriented to make interface with UE4 and Web and other features.


Other talents, feel free to ask then we talk about it.

More informations and contact :



Swords Arena Project

Multiplayer Fight

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