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This game is a non-profit parody of the NES universe and any representation of existing characters, games and companies is meant purely for parody and tribute to that which is probably the best age in video game history.

In SeD you take the role of Ike Hill, a retired war veteran who served in more than 20 missions, and is a foul-mouthed cold-blooded gun nut.

After the announcement that Nocando would release a console after the Nocando Entertainment System, everyone rejoiced, except Mario. Mario was pissed, because with this new console the company wanted to end all the old franchises. Mario then gathers an army of his own and engages in terrorist acts. Ike's mission is to find and kill Mario. But can he do it? and what is Mario's motive? Who is behind all this?


Shoot 'em Down

To the ground!

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