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Shinobi Densetsu is what happens when you cross RPG, Platformer, Fighter and Stealth.

Taking the role of young ninja Hokusaki Michio in an adventure to find the truth about his parents, both revered as legendary ninjas who went misteriously missing, you will eventually uncover the treacherous conspiracy of a man who wants to dominate all lands with help of dark forces.

Unlike typical RPGs which predetermin or let you choose how your character develops, in SD your character is an extension of yourself, and will develop according to your gameplay. Two playthroughs from the same player can lead to two completely different characters.

Fighting is done much like in typical 2D 1 on 1 fighters and street brawlers, with the added perk of weapons, shots and hand-to-hand combat being totally independent of each other and combineable.

The platforming aspect lets you do the most common platforming movements like double jumps, wall jumps, and such, but adds unique physics because, well, ninjas don't obey to regular physics!

The game is being rebuilt from scratch in every aspect, that's why the videos are so old. Stay tuned for more soon, or give us a shout if you'd like to know something!


Shinobi Densetsu

Swords, Sorcery and Shuriken

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