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"Eddy is from the 21st century and travels in time to find a remedy to his illness that turned him into a vampire when he tried to find a cure for the cancer he has, Dr Jekyll makes remedies for him, but keeps failing at it.

At some point you have to fight Hyde. We can see werewolves as well, vampire hunters, ghouls, zombies, Countess Bathory, Frankenstein… He has to travel to get ingredients for Jekyll. Hyde could be the final boss and the reason why Jekyll kept messing up, leaving Eddy is his state, never finding the remedy.

He could meet Jean-Baptiste Grenouille and he would have to fight people bewitched by his perfume. Travel to France, Romania, Germany..."


Are you a fan of Rayman, Metal Slug and Castlevania?

Do you like Super Meat Boy, Teslagrad, Eggnogg or Trine and would like to blend all of them together to make something REALLY epic?


This game will feature several mechanics from the games above to create a unique experience never seen before, such as transformations, limited lives, and different weapons according to the character, fencing, and lots of other combat techniques!


Supports a XBOX 360 controller. Would be released at $15.


[REM] eddy

Platformer, hardcore, survival

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