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Discover the secrets that lurk through more than twenty biomes, tame monsters and make them your allies , save the Chloriniens from the Night Walkers , create a community and protect it , create your own weapons, your own armor, your own magic and make the planet Centauri the cradle of a new civilization or your tomb!

Colorblind filters

Each Monster, Weapon and armor is unique!

Dynamic gameplay & movement

Craft your own magic spells!


Catch them all! Capture and tame monsters

100,000 ++ physical combinations and more than 500 clothes

2 play modes, Scenario and Sandbox and 3 difficulties mode

Achievements are real impact in the game



Agriculture and Cooking


Create your weapons and armors

Create a village and give a job to the people

Create an advanced network system!

Set the behavior of the NPC and Robots

God Saucer - A lot of mini games and challenges

Mods, Mods everywhere - use many editors to create your own dungeons, biomes, monsters etc...





Planet Centauri

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