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Pheugo is an ancient greek word which means "Escape" or "Flee" which exactly what this game is about. You play the role of several heroes who can jump, grab and throw objects. You are imprisoned in an intergalactic zoo of sorts. One day the close proximity of an rouge star causes the gate to glitch the lock on your prison cell giving you just enough time to make your ESCAPE. Unfortunately from that point on alarm bells ring and prison drones try their utmost to foil your escape. They themselves do not attack you but they laser out enemies who's only program is to subdue you one way or another (usually by pushing you off the platform into space). To make your escape you have to run down to the nearest jump gate and jump in. This will then take you to the next world which is actually worse than the one before it. Eventually you make it your way to the character's home world which has been overrun by evil dudes and you must do your utmost to reverse that situation!



Retro Action Arcade Space Odyssey!

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