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I just happen to come across an idea of a MOBA game with WASD movement instead of point and click movement. Characters are to have no more than 2 abilities, 1 passive, and 1 ultimate( I don't know if I should allow characters to have an ultimate ) . All I need is people to help animate this idea, hopefully people like you.

My Role: I intend to be a Programmer and a Concept Artist. I am a intermediate at Ruby. I am learning Assembly and D at the moment.

Role Requirements:

Programmers- You can apply for Engine Scripter( requires knowledge of Ruby )

or a Engine Programmer ( requires knowledge of D, if you know C++, D is very similar to it )

The engine will of course be custom. Knowledge of

OpenGL API is needed to work on the Engine.

I will need 3D Artist, 2D Vector Artist, Concept Artist, and Texture Artist.

As I have no taste in Music, I would hate for the game to be in absolute silence. So composers of all types are ok.

I plan for the game to be on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Game profit is TBD. Game is to be Free to play and this includes most maps, all characters and gamemodes. This may change, but it is guranteed that atleast all characters are to be free to play.



RTS, MOBA, Action

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