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This project is aimed at developing an adventure/puzzle game much like the old point and click games. Examples of this would be Myst and Riven. Except this project will be using all the technologies we have today. That means it will be in 3D and first person, unlike the still images that were used back then. The game is being developed in Unity 3D.

The game is set on a couple of uninhabited and uncharted islands that broke off from a mythical island called Atlantis during the earthquakes. You play as a person who was shipwrecked on the island and has to find a way off. During your stay on the island you discover that it was recently inhabited in the 70's by a big science initiative, while it seems like they disappeared they left many things behind. The story is a lot more complex, you will learn more about it if you join the team.

The gameplay will be about exploring the islands and solving puzzles like gathering objects to complete contraptions, which in turn open up new places you can explore. For instance, activating complex mechanisms to power some transportation vehicles. Your goal will be to get back to civilization but you discover that it's not that easy.




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