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Here is our game project GARDEN GETAWAY (I'n very early stages of design), I'm currently working on preliminary designs and looking for others to collaborate with. Here is a concept sketch for the start up screen, a mock up of the game play and a concept of the game over screen.

Synopsis: A cheeky bird flies into an old ladies garden and steals all the bird seed and gets so rather fat. The bird must escape before he meets his end, at the hands of the angry old lady or the rather hungry cats.

Game features:

1. Numerous levels (Garden/warehouse....)

2. Upgrades (Jetpacks, gliders and weapons. Purchased through points in store)

3. In app purchases

4. Amusing props (Funny Billboards and other background props)

For Game updates have a look at the Toon Shack Studios Facebook page

*All illustrations within these images/gameplay are still extremely rough and are not representative of the final standard; some are not even coloured.


Garden Getaway


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