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Welcome to Frosthelm. This is the starting country for the initial release of my game, Forsaken Order.

I’m looking for anyone who would like to volunteer to work on this passion project of mine. I’m open to new ideas, and I’m willing to learn a thing or two. I am only one person, so I know I don’t know everything.

Hundreds of years ago, Frosthelm was overrun with dragons who wanted nothing more than to terrorize its citizens. After many years of this, the dragons grew bored and decided to leave their new creation, the Dragonkin, in their place to continue wreaking havoc while they slumbered. The Dragonkin saw this as their opportunity to escape the rule of their masters. They pleaded with the gods to destroy the dragons and free them from their turmoil. The Gods heard their pleas and took to arms. The battle was long and gruesome. The dragons heard of their underlings’ betrayal and sought to kill them all for disobeying. Only one child was hidden away from the battle who would survive. Her name was Mai. The Gods finally gained the upper hand in the war with the emergence of a new God called Kishi, the Goddess of Luck. The Dragons were finally destroyed, and their reign of terror was no more.

Forsaken Order is a game that begins with our MC, Mai, Travelling to the city of Ethren with her companion, Aroniel. Mai has finally decided to try and learn more about her family, and if it’s possible anyone else survived. Aroniel tells her about the shrine in Ethren that can communicate with the Gods. After reaching the Shrine, many figures in dark cloaks burst in. After trying to fight them off, the cloaked figures destroy the shrine. Mai and Aroniel manage to capture one before they can escape. After some Interrogation, the cloaked man reveals that he’s part of a Cult that is trying to revive the Dragon of Chaos to reinstate the rule of the Dragons.

That’s all I’m going to reveal of the story at the moment.

In this game, the player will have to option of choosing from a pool of different characters to have in their party. These characters are all upgradable and can be controlled by the player. You will have a party of up to 4 who will be on the field with you to assist you in combat and other things.

Many of the game’s aspects have not been completed yet, so there is plenty of room for changes and additions. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like to work on the project. If the game ends up making money, then Anyone who contributed will get paid a percentage of the revenue made.

I look forward to working with you!


Forsaken Order

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