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The ExBawx (better name coming) is a project I've been working on-and-off on for the past few months (exams are coming hard and fast). It's a wonderful little program that takes a regular webcam and cheap home-made headset to control video games with little dots (much like how the Oculus rift does but without the infrared). You can plug it into your phone and play almost instantly (after installing an app) and all rendering is done on the computer. Being GPU-accelerated, it shouldn't have such a large effect on games you play.

Features So-Far:

> PC Support (Other platforms coming soon)

> Runs at 30-70 FPS depending on your computer/game

> Android and WP support (for display though they screens are awfully small compared to mainstream VR headsets)

> Some GPU-acceleration (More to come)

> Unity, Flash, CryEngine integration (and pretty-much-any-other-engine-with-basic-IO-functions)

> Voice control

> Depth detection


ExBawx Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

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