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Evolver is a 2D fighter & metroidvania beat'em up reaching a state of code completion, and as a result we are in need of an artist to work on the project. Please PM me if you're interested. More info about the game below.

Log Line: Evolver is a 2D platform fighter with unique combat styles and input mechanics that allow for limitlessly diverse game play. With 16 characters each with over a dozen possible character setups, there are more than 200 ways to play the game. That diversity of gameplay combined with deep resource management and high speed gameplay make Evolver a fun, hype-filled fighter like no other.

Plot, gameplay, and how they work together: Similar in impact to the discovery of nuclear energy, people mathematically solve for the human soul and create a process to harness it's energy which they call deviation. However, draining ones own soul, whether for war/violence or medicine, talents, etc, causes deterioration of the mind and body leading to psychosis and physical decay. As a response, a special kind of a weapon (called a Totem) is created that users can permanently store a small portion of their Senergy (the current term I'm using for the energy the soul produces) in, allowing them to proliferate on that energy without suffering illness. Shortly before the great war, true AI is discovered and used to create a new kind of Totem called a Sceptre. Sentient AI (though they themselves don't have souls outside of the Senergy from their masters) are housed in the Sceptres allowing for more advanced weapon techniques. Sceptres are very loyal and usually have personalities that compliment their masters.

Additionally, people who channel their Senergy, aka Deviants, also generally have unique soul data, something specific to their genetic makeup that manifests as what we might think of as a unique super power. However, some people do not have unique soul data and as a result, are able to store and process external data as soul data. These people are called Evolvers.

The plot of the game centers around a terrorist called the Veiled Maiden. In the game world, it is possible to steal the unique data of others using an illegal kind of mod chip in a Sceptre called a RipChip. RipChips aren't commonly used as anyone with unique soul data can store two, maybe three additional unique sets of other people's data before they start to experience physical and mental deterioration. The Veiled Maiden, however, is an Evolver, and is seemingly the most powerful at that. Even strong Evolvers can't store more than a few dozen powers without beginning to deteriorate, but the Veiled Maiden uses a mod chip she created that emits a blanket rip signal allowing her to steal data from crowds of people at once showing no signs of deterioration (though this is assumed to be because she is already insane). She acts as the main antagonist against our hero, Thadeo Kayunimura, who is also an Evolver. The story mode is centered around his conquest to defeat the Veiled Maiden, though his motives for doing so aren't at all because he is a hero.

These same factors also fuel the gameplay for the multiplayer modes of the game. Each character has 3 fighting Styles, and each Style has a light and a heavy Stance, which each of them in turn of a special move or Stance Burst. Each character has a hand-to-hand Style, a weapon Style using their Sceptre, and Power Style using their unique data. (In the story mode, Thadeo starts off with his CopterBlades, and picks up Soul Data for a Storm Caller unique data stance as well as data for a big hand melee stance, and these are the stances he has as a multiplayer character.) On the character select menu, players choose their character, and then map the 4 action keys to the 4 (of 6) stances they want to use. That means 16 possible stance combinations for each of 15 characters equates to 240 possible ways to play the game from character choice alone. Additionally, the single player modes provide for the use of mod chips which add passive abilities e.g bleed damage, life steal, etc to be added to stances. Combined with the coding system which will allow players to create their own mod chips using code snippets (for example: the snippet "if projectile" may be combined with the snippet "deal ice damage") and then apply them to stances, it may be the most customizable beat'em up metroidvania in creation.

The story is full, complete, and contains all of the playable characters. The cast is pretty diverse and the moves/weapons/fight styles are designed to be relatively unique e.g Thadeo using helicopter blades as swords. Some other examples of fighting styles include the Veiled Maiden's Swan's Fury stance which is essentially ballet fighting, Gorbral Oswald's Echokinesis in which he creates sound waves as his means of attacking including snapping and using the sound waves as bullets, and Parker & Archy's slapstick stance in which they behave as sketch comedians seeming to swing at each other but moving around each other to dodge each others attacks to hit the enemy instead.


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