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We are an international group of Independent VR developers(1 Programmer, 1 Artist, 1 Composer) soon to be forming a company and looking for some new team members. We are all self-funded (I own www.bathosstudios.com / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRmL9NvIe-QKo-pIca_C_HQ as an artist and like-wise our current Programmer & Composer each also have their own separate companies) and we are looking for new team members in similar situations.

This would be Revenue Share and Company Share. We are trying to form a core team of specialists for the percentage divisions in the company. Our goal is to have a company/team focused on future growth. This is a serious commitment(but less risk if you already have income) so please only reach out if you are serious about breaking into the VR industry with us.

Programmer Needed:

We are in need of a 2nd Programmer, as our project requirements demand more then just one programmer. If interested you must have an HTC Vive to develop with. Experience with VR programming is helpful but not required. Our current planned distribution platform is Steam (VR content bypasses Green-light requirements).

Artist Needed:

We are in need of a 2nd Artist. Particularly if you are good with 3d Meshes, Rigging, and 3D Animation (but personal drive is more important than anything). If interested you must have access to the proper art software (blender mostly) to develop with.

The current IP/Project is an Educational VR title aimed for completion in ~4-6 months. It is being made in Unity. It has already been designed and the Game Design Document has been in use. We are already in production of game assets and are on our way to a solid game. More details of this particular IP will be given once we start a dialog, should you have interest.

We also have a few future IPs/ Titles(non-educational too) already designed (with GDDs) and they would be lined up for production right after release of our first title. There will be a good deal of creative freedom once we get established in the industry. The first couple of projects are already decided on, but as a team we will brainstorm on changes and such. Future IPs can be designed together as a team, as it should be, once we have a good foundation in the industry and can afford to take more risks in design.

This is a good opportunity if you happen to already have some part-time income and have enough extra time to help develop a VR game. Or perhaps your financially supported – this could be a great way to follow your passion.

Thanks for reading and please PM me if you are interested!



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