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***Pairs is a game that most of us have played from a very young age. It’s good for child development, plus it’s kind of fun. DUO! takes that concept and makes it that bit harder and more entertaining.*** 148apps

DUO! is a refreshing reinvention of memory where making pairs is not enough any more. DUO! is both fun and relaxing. Take a journey through multiple worlds to explore new challenges and solve mind-stimulating puzzles. To advance, stay concentrated and remember each move you make. Good memory and strategy will lead to new levels packed with wild cards, bonuses and more. Cards will get shuffled, blown up and frozen. Literally! No worries though, there are also boosters to help you along the way for when the journey gets a bit too rough.


* Logic and memory improvement

* Fun for kids from 5 to 95

* 80+ unique levels

* Sleek 2D graphics and animations

* Relaxing game that encourages concentration

* Lots of exciting bonuses

* Challenge family and friends

* 18 cool badges to collect

* Optimized for iPhone 4 and newer


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DUO! A new way to play Memory for IOS

Puzzle, brain game

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