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What is DreamLand?

DreamLand is a Fantasy-RPG inspired by Undertale, Mother/Earthbound series, Paper Mario and Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na orb & Stepmania.

This game is based on the decisions that the player wants to do, the catchphrase of the game itself is "A world where the illusion of choice doesn't exists",

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

-Isaac Newton

This game will actually make you decide, if you decide something there's a counter of that decision you took, maybe not after 10 minutes after you decide or 20, but it will haunt you overtime, on you first walkthrough you can't erase your data!

If you ruined it, then live with it, you can't erase your own live if you took a bad decision in the past, right?

After you finish the game 1 time, you can unlock additional saveslots so you can try different desicions!

This game is based on desicions the more you take the more the game knows about you, if you aren't a good person the game will not have any mercy on you, on the other side if you are a good person the game will not punish you as hard as a bad person, but it will do anyway, no matter what you do the game will remember anything, even if you erase your own file.

How the art has changed overtime?

In DreamLand we actually are really pending on the aesthetics of it! actually we did more than 5 generations (redos) of the characters for have the best experience for the player, there's an example of the evolution from generation to generation of the art style down below, feel free to check it anytime!.

-Which will be the cast for the game? RPG's are characteraized for having good characters in a good story development.

This is the evolution on the cast over the creation of art itself, here you can see a detailed explanation of the characters:

Oott, the male protagonist of the game!, you can give him the personality you like, after all... you are him!.

Camellia, the female protagonist of the game!, you can give her the personality you like, after all you are her!.

Mila, a shy girl that doesn't has any friends, she always have been rejected by everyone even by her own blood, her mother and father..., but you never see her sad or depressed about it, she feels happy how she is, but those kind of things hurt her feelings like every normal person, she joins to your team because she wants to know what is having a friend for her very first time.

Exe, A scientist guy that wants some attention from his father. Exe is always alone at home, his dad is always working and his mother died long time ago... even if he shows his father the most elaborate system on the whole island, his father never notices him... He actually create things his bare hands! His bare hands!, Exe tries to catch his father's attention but he never accomplish it..., he joins to the team for impress his father.

Sarah, A deportist girl that do not wants to be the shadow of her sister, Sarah's mother always compare Sarah with her sister, she says that Sarah's sister is "Femenine" and "It's a true lady", she joins to the team because she wants to her mother seem her with a new perspective.

A pet, in DreamLand we give the liberty to the player of adopt a pet from the streets or buy a mascot from a pet shop, If you adopt one, their will be stronger than a bought pet, but if you bought one that pet will have 2 extra lives, if the pet dies 1 or 2 times it will die forever, a system of perma-death

-How the game will be and what mechanics you are going to introduce?

This game is not a conventional Fantasy-RPG, this RPG will use things of the real life such as hippies or robots as enemies and instead using swords and magic, you will use baseball bats and mentai!

Mentai are psychic habilities that some characters can have such as Exe and Mila!

The game will grow with you, if you level up the game will level up in difficulty with you, no matter what keep your team flushed, now you know that this game will be hard for a "normal" Western-RPG.

If you reclute someone the game will get harder and the game will do damage based on the damage you can do.

The overworld will be the same as Paper Mario, but the battles will have a twist, every monster has something different, new music and new patterns.


Yes patterns, the game itself will use a "Dance"-like mechanic, just like this! :

Credits to: Puurokulho

This will be an idea of how will be the battle but it will be more variated, because every pattern changes if the monster changes.

The battles will become really variated if we talk about options, you can choose between attack, use an item, mentai powers, check the monster, guard, bond and run!

I will keep this a mystery for those ones that want to know more about it~

-How will be the narrative? because is a really important thing to have in mind while doing a game...

The game will have a really good sense of humour, exagerated/ hilarious and even cruel sometimes! We will not use pop culture jokes, like memes or passing fads for the game, because if you play the game 20 years after it's release you are not going to understand any joke that the game will present you, because it was a passing fad or a dead meme.

Also the game will be extremely emotional because it relates things that actually happened to me, actual experiences, and i can say that this game will be extremely emotional and sad, from the character development to the characters backstories...

- What aesthetics do you want in your game?

The aesthetics, I want something like paper mario, easy to draw, looks good and it doesn't takes too much time, i don't want to use pixels this time, i want to use handrawn sprites.

- What if i don't want to join to the project but i want to see your process in the game?

If you want to join us in discord here's the link to it, with that you can see what we've done so far and follow the game by yourself even you can chat with another invites! and if you think that you can colaborate with something feel free to do it! also You will be in the credits! You can play the demo early, before everyone else! and also know more about the team or just chat with random people that were interested in the project! so many benefits and just a click away! and we will make sure that you don't theft the idea if you just got an idea about it~:


- Wow, this is a really ambitious project are you sure that you are not going to leave it halfway through?

No actually, i've worked with this idea for 3 years now and i think that it's the time for work with teammates, so i will not leave this project incomplete if you are worried about that, and the game will not be that long i want at least 10 hours of gameplay, so i think that, that is correct for this kind of game, if the game gets longer while development, then will be more hours of pure fun and joy!


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