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contact by PM or email: savetheworld12068@gmail.com

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2D Production Artist

Marketing Assistant

Puzzle/Game Designer

We are working on two projects. Project 1 is planned to be released for free alongside a kickstarter. We are purchasing Unity at that time and beginning payment of team members. Anyone who works now will be paid quite well and will receive lifetime payments from project 2’s sales. I am confident our kickstarter will succeed. If you join after the kickstarter we will only do per-job payments for non-creative work.

Project 1 is a point and click adventure. It uses a single unique game mechanic and is comprised of about 50 screens, 15 characters, and 1-4 hours of gameplay. We will have the design finalized by the 20th of this month. Please contact me if you want to know more.

Project 2 is a large 30-50 hour turn based RPG that has an emphasis on other types of game play instead of fighting. The battle system is more like a puzzle system that gets applied to almost anything. This system has many real-time, skill based elements, and non-turn-based combat plays a large part in the game as well. Project 2 is more developed than project 1, but that is a necessity due to the size and scope of project 2.

Project 2 will have online PvP with only one character to make balancing easy on us developers. The next two characters are going to be released as DLC with other large additions to the game. In addition we have very large sub-games that add the extra 20 hours to the 30 hour RPG. The game is designed to be a challenge to speed runners but still enjoyable for all gamers, and even non-gamers, for the first 10 hours of gameplay. After that the difficulty rapidly increases. The extra sub-game content is always available, but the last 20 hours of the RPG are somewhat inaccessible for non-hardcore gamers.

Project 1 has already started.

Coding for project 2 begins in November. All deadlines are tentative, but we haven't had any need to change them yet.

Thanks for reading. Good luck to all those who are looking for per-job payment. We can't employ you until Feb 2016, but I wish you all the best.


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