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Brandi: Summer Adventure is a little difficult to explain.

The idea came to me after watching JonTron for a while. He was playing B___ie games from the past and showing how the games themselves were pure garbage simply created to compliment the toys (with accidental comedic effect).

The idea is to create a realistic imitation of a "girl game" with makeup and dressup and positivity and healthy lifestyle choices with a sinister twist.

Brandi walks a line between her perceived reality and the holes in her world. She is the latest addition to the Brandi line and at any point the black hole could consume it all in an instant. No one can help her, she is alone against a mysterious figure that hunts her and her friends through rifts in time/space as she slowly uncovers the truth about her world and the stability of their idyllic lifestyle.

I am looking specifically for artists and animators as well as a writer for dialog and object text. I can provide some payment, though not much. Not sure how big this project will be in the end, I do intend to sell it at some point and percentages of the revenue can be divided amongst those involved.

Questions/Comments/Requests? Email me at fisher@smugames.com.


Brandi: Summer Adventure


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