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APOCALYPSE NEIGHBORS is a 2D game with turn-based artillery shooting, inspired by the dueling fun of Worms and the addictive physics of Angry Birds.


The game is already out on the App Store, but we still need to port to Android and create the multiplayer. We can't work with the previous contractors as they were far too expensive and have drained our resources.

We also need help with marketing.

Fling a variety of wacky over-sized ammo at your evil neighbors using catapults and cannons mounted on your house! Destroy the demonic objects in the evil houses and free Murica from evil. Protect the holy relics stashed in your house by building and adding defenses. Play with dozens of characters each with unique ammo and earn points to spend on upgrades and wacky special attacks and ammo. Progress through hundreds of increasingly difficult levels, 251 total levels!


- Large Campaign map – 251 levels!

- Physics based artillery dueling – take pleasure in watching enemy houses collapse after a great shot.

- 24 comedic characters each with their own crazy ammo and punchlines

- Dozens of wacky special ammo and crazy special attacks

- Build mad houses, sky's the limit what will you build?

- 2D cartoon anime look – colorful graphics and each level background is unique

- Easy controls – Graphical touch screen interface, drag drop controls for action

- 36 achievements – some very hard to get!

- Replay levels with different characters and unlock all the secrets


Apocalypse Neighbors


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