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Hey everyone! Really awesome that we finally have these forums to speak to you all with. This thread is about the next update, V3.

So as most of you will know, design is normally a step ahead of development in projects, and it's no different here at UMOGA so I've been already cooking up some new things. V3 will essentially be more of an overhaul and rebranding, with a few cool new features being introduced.

So far, as a recap, we have had our ugly, only a mother could love birth:

Then the current, awkward teenage phase:

And then this is the current design for V3:

As you can see it's a big change, but also (IMHO) a big improvement. As UMOGA and ourselves grow we want this to be represented in the platform, and we want to make sure we not taken lightly by the competition!

So far some of the planned extra features for V3 are:

- Connections, connect with friends.

- Chatter, IM for connections.

- Vast forum expansion; edit, read/unread, quotes, subscribed threads, emojis :P

- Set yourself as available for work

- New search filters; community ratings, available for work

- Various UI / UX improvements

- Separately designed mobile site for better optimisation.

I'll post more of anything else but that's the main stuff for now. If you have any suggestions of (small!) features you'd like to see in V3 we'd love to hear them, bear in mind that if it's something to do with the current V2 website it may not be relevant in the re-designs.

Quote Posted at 15:21 17/07/15

I'd like to offer a little input, personally I really love your layout plan for V3 but I find all the white and bright blue a little unsettling against the rest. I prefer the current colour scheme and I think it may look a little better if the icons and menus adhered a little more to that personally. All the ideas you've discussed sound great though, a mobile site would be pretty cool and a proper in-built chat would make it a lot easier to make arrangements and get in touch with other devs.

All looking grand though, keep up the good work ^_^ I'm really digging the forum too, I've pestered Max enough about that before >___>

Quote Replied at 20:51 20/07/15

Hey Mike!

Thanks for you input, we appreciate hearing back from you. We'll keep it in mind as we work on V3! It's going to be quite a while until this is out (obviously V2 only came out the other day haha), so a lot could change. One thing to keep in mind, we are planning on having the option to change the feature colour (currently blue), so there will be other 'themes' so to speak.

Yeah forums were a big one, we know it's a basic right now but it's better than nothing. Rest assured we should have a fully-functioning forums in V3, with all the features you would expect from any generic forum.

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Yeah I figure you got time before v3 :') I'll keep an eye on this thread though, I wanna see what's going on. Like I said keep up the good work, everything's seriously awesome so far

Quote Replied at 07:57 21/07/15

If you don't mind a little criticism, I felt that at least when you click on a project, that project was presented in a far more flattering and more easily readable way before whatever recent update you've done. See, when creäting a project there's a spot where it tells you to write a 'long description', and believe me I did. And it looked impressive and professional. But now, it's in a tiny scrollbox and I don't think anyone will really want to read it. Were there plans on changing that or was this the intended design?

But overall I do rather like the site's layout and colour scheme. I think I agree with Mike that the greater amount of grey looked better but the proposed idea for V3 looks good as well. I think you probably wanted to get more of that cyan-ish colour in there, which makes sense, but if I were to be really picky I'd say a compromise would be best. But as I'm not picky I think both are nice.

Quote Replied at 04:33 22/07/15

Hey Square Crank Games!

Thanks for putting in the time to comment here, we do appreciate hearing back from everyone. Thank you for talking about a usability issue, it's the main sort of feedback we're after.

It's an impressive essay you have there! I agree that it's a shame about the scroll box reducing it, and that it would put people off reading it. I'll have a think about this when I get to the project page redo, currently I've been doing the indies/projects/assets search pages, then I'll be doing profile/project/asset. I'd be interested to know what you'd like to have on the project page to help this issue?

Thank you! I'll have to upload a picture of the themes page soon so everyone can see that :P

Quote Replied at 13:36 22/07/15

Thanks. I just liked the project page before if I'm quite honest.

I've just noticed that the profile pages are different now as well and the header image I'd used looked very strange. I've made a new one now but I'd like to confirm that this is the size you'll continue to use, and I'd suggest that you add an interface that gives people a bit more freedom with their images. What I would have expected is for my image to have been automatically scaled to fit the new space, though I'm sure people would rather choose the zoom and crop, &c. of their images after the automated process.

I'm sure you're still working on this a lot so maybe some of this was already going to be addressed anyway, but I have some forum-specific suggestions as well. One would be that you eventually make our names in the forums be links to our profiles. Time- and date-stamps on the posts will be useful in future so people don't bump old threads which for whatever reason everyone always hates. And in this thread you have an example of the images kind of ruining everything, haha. It's made for horizontal scrolling text, and in between the images I hadn't even noticed there were words. Maybe if images are above a certain size they should scale down and be able to be clicked for a full size version?

Thanks for listening. I know the site's still new and all, so I don't mean any thing bad. It has a really professional, clean æsthetic to the point where I hadn't realised it was so new. I thought it had to have been out for a while to look so good and be so easy to navigate. As long as you don't make any inobvious choices going forwards, I can't imagine that when you're done it won't be a great site.

Quote Replied at 15:35 22/07/15

I'll be honest, that was like a year ago for me in terms of when it was done so I can't really remember what it looked like, I'll have to check my archives. In my head my rough idea for new projects/profiles will have uploaded stuff in tabs, which should leave the initial page free to have a butt-tonne of description. With the V3 forums will come formatting for text posts, I'm hoping we can copy this over into project/profile descriptions to allow people to make it more interesting than just blocks of text.

I'm surprised people don't realise how new we are, everything at the moment is extremely basic bitchy (I mean these forums for starters, no edit feature wtf UMOGA :p). Due to the V3 sidebar layout profiles might be a bit different again I'm afraid (V3 will essentially be the last time I full re-design everything, after that there will only ever be additions and tweaks), I know currently the best we have is the recommended size dimensions. I'd love to put in a edit/zoom/crop feature to uploading headers, that's a good shout, will have to speak with our dev when I'm on that page!

Yeah the forums have so much I want to add, I think a lot of it has already been put in the first post I made? When done in V3 it should be just as you would expect any other forum to be, except with the addition of a subscribed forum. Read/Unread was going going to be in V2 but we didn't have the time, sadly. We all work in our free time so there are always compromises in initial phases!

No problem, it's about time we could finally hear back from users, hopefully we'll get a lot more people coming here and commenting! We really appreciate your compliments though. Simplicity and ease of use is what I'm trying to keep as key throughout V3, I don't want anyone to ever wonder what the hell a tab leads or a button does!

Quote Replied at 16:26 22/07/15

When I said I liked it before I meant like last week or so, but your rough idea sounds good. I just don't like the tiny box for a long description. Whatever you do besides that I'm sure will be grand.

When I read that the forum had been *added* that's when I realised the site can't be too old. Which is really a compliment. Great design.

V3 sounds brilliant. I thought you'd probably be doing most of the stuff I was suggesting. Just thought I'd mention it in case you'd missed something. I'm designing our Square Crank site now, so I know what it's like to have so many things to take care of and then forget some small detail.

You don't mean your first post in this thread, do you? I'll have a look elsewhere on the forum.

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Well there is a whole forum created for every project, which was intended as a place for project owners to write what/as much as they want. Not that I won't be making the description box bigger there just will always be a cut off point in the actual project page obviously.

Thanks buddy, means a lot to us!

Yeah at the bottom of my first post here one of the things is 'Vast forum expansion; edit, read/unread, quotes, subscribed threads, emojis :P'.

I think that soon though I'm going to have to re-make this thread with updated images and text soon (damn the lack of an edit feature), will have to save screenshots of this one so that it doesn't come across as sneakily trying to brush criticism under the rug!

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After looking at this and some similar sites I have some feedback for things that I feel like could be improved:

Indies & Projects Page

- The pages show too many results at a time, its difficult to remember which one you already visited

- The 'tab element' hides all the interesting information and makes the whole memory game even more difficult (!)


- Roles, skills etc. should be somewhat standardized (pre-defined items) to allow more detailed filtering and prevent redundant/misspelled/stupid labels people usually put there. It also makes it easier to scan through if you know what to expect and look for imo

- An experience level would be cool, (Amateur, Junior ... or the number of years in your 'role'), could be simply shown as an icon

- An optional location/languages would be nice I guess, to consider language barriers and different time-zones


- I'm personally not a big fan of the blue color tone of the current design, it reminds me of a hospital

- Not really sure what the notifications page is supposed to be about

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