Hi there !

Our small indie Game Team Shin-Kaneda is currently building a multiplayer 3D fighting game.

The principle is simple, two players clashed with sword in a Roman arena over the WAN.

Multiplayer because the game is likely to evolve in co-op, 3vs3, etc ...

Same for new classes, weapons, arenas, new features, etc...

But just let's start somewhere and don't be too greedy right !?

Welcome to the [B]Swords Arena[/B]


After many test we opted for Blender and the basic A pose skeleton of the UE4 Blue guy for the workflow.

It's OK If you are using other softwares with the license for your creation.

So we actively seek serious and available new members to achieve:

[B]3D Animations, 3D characters.[/B]

Other talents are also welcome as 2D artists riggers, 2D UI, VFX, noisemakers, voice actors, etc ...

Note that we are not paid a share of the royalties will be made once the game released based on the work contribution made to the game, we want motivated people and rigorous and of course volunteers are welcome.


Feel free to contact us and join our team !

To be sure we receive your message, go to


or go to UE4 Forum and look for SWORDS ARENA Post then contact Sayato from there,

you will also find some other useful informations and some demo of the game.

Thanks for your time, cheers !


Glory to Blender ! bless the 3D !