Hi everyone! Solo developer and designer here.

Overland Blast is made in SpriteKit (Apple's 2D game framework) with assets that I purchase in 3D, then render into sprites using Blender.

More assets and info on Twitter @OverlandBlast

Here's the description of the game:

Overland Blast is an arcade-style action defense game with some unique gameplay mechanics, many quirky characters, and hordes of enemies trying to eat your homeland. The action varies from steady and strategic to intense, as you work your way from the mainland of your idyllic home village, through dark forests and a peaceful seaside community, and eventually into the fiery depths of the earth itself.

You play as the “Lieutenant”, striving to save your village from an onslaught of creatures trying to eat your village. Stopping the invasion will require unraveling the mystery of where the creatures came from, understanding the dark magic that puts them in a frenzy, and confronting the evil that has taken root within your idyllic village.